Inked Up

Westchester ink, a small tattoo shop located near the mall of the americas is hard to find. It lies somewhere between Fritanga Monimbo and an anger management facility. The shop has been open for the better half of a year and the tattoo artists are working hard to keep the business afloat. Gus Machado, the owner has given the artists free reign over their domain. Ignacio Ayala and ‘Ghost’, run the show. Ignacio is the expert on american traditional artwork while Ghost specializes in script.

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IMG_3393Zhōng Yī translates to Chinese medicine, one of Chung Hing’s specialties. Located in the heart of North Miami Beach, the Chung Hing Oriental Market has been in business for over 2 decades, and it shows. The narrow isles piled celling high with dried seahorse, sliced deer antler, and a myriad of teas and noodles. The rest of the stuff, you need a translator to decrypt. As a westerner, its tough finding something edible, but the dried mangos and good conversation are a solid choice.