Hats & Hats & more hats

IMG_3386Driving down North Miami Beach one might not notice a tiny store tucked in a small shopping plaza. You might just drive right past it, and if you would be missing out on something special. So special, it only sells hats. Hats & Hats, is a staple of headwear in Miami. From orthodox religions to victorian nostalgics, this place has an interesting and  loyal clientele. Gloria, her husband started the business sixteen years ago, and they have been thriving ever since. 



IMG_3393Zhōng Yī translates to Chinese medicine, one of Chung Hing’s specialties. Located in the heart of North Miami Beach, the Chung Hing Oriental Market has been in business for over 2 decades, and it shows. The narrow isles piled celling high with dried seahorse, sliced deer antler, and a myriad of teas and noodles. The rest of the stuff, you need a translator to decrypt. As a westerner, its tough finding something edible, but the dried mangos and good conversation are a solid choice.