Visual story telling has been around since cave paintings sprawled across the caves of our past. From still drawings, to series and storyboards, we strive to illustrate our experiences. Comic books have been a staple of americana since the early days of dc comics. Their popularity before radio and television was immeasurable to their current standing in modern culture. With the advent of the internet, it is tough to compete as a tangible medium, after all, the internet can show you a comic book.

Nevertheless, comic book culture continues to thrive. There are more and more people interested in printed comic books every day. Villains comic books in North Miami is not only a staple of the community but a testament to its strength. You can find anything from the adventures of superman, batman or the illustrated genius of comix heroes like Robert Crumb and Daniel Clowes.  Comic book stores in Miami are surprisingly abundant so head over to your local shop and find something new!


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